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Specialising in sport and lifestyle, our aim is to change behaviours, shift opinions, raise profiles and generate sales. If it doesn’t, then we’ve failed, epically.

We are unswerving in our drive to get you results.  This is both creative and effective comms.  Giving effectiveness equal billing to creativeness produces campaigns that have a measurable impact upon the success of your business.

And we do this in a way that fits the needs of modern business.

Move is a different type of consultancy: no juniors, no massive overheads, no locking clients into huge long-term retainers.

Catherine Rees, a communications professional with 20 years’ experience advising major brands across the sport and lifestyle sectors, leads all client work. Catherine is supported by a network of proven specialists hand-picked by her, matching each project with the right talent, with the right media contacts for the job.  For you, it’s the benefits of freelance flexibility with the experience of big brands, big agencies and big thinking.


“Catherine makes things happen. With her can-do attitude and an extensive network of contacts, she came into our business and very quickly delivered outstanding coverage for the brand. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a PR who understands the commercial and communication challenges brands face and can leverage their connections to drive results.” 

—  David Hanney,

CEO Alpkit 

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